Call for Volunteers

Project Speak Up Speak Out is recruiting volunteers to educate the City College and Harlem community on domestic violence. We are currently looking for City College students who have public speaking skills and have some prior experience in teaching or tutoring. Volunteers will be asked to attend a two night training on Tuesday February 4th and 11th at 6pm at the City College of New York. The trainings will be led by our community partner Sally MacNichol and after the initial trainings volunteers will work as teachers to spread awareness about domestic violence while continuing our own education. Students who have prior experience in social justice, violence against women or anti violence activism are highly encouraged to apply.

At Speak Up Speak Out, our mission is to empower individuals and break the silence that exists behind domestic violence and sexual assault. It is our firm belief that domestic violence that goes unseen and unheard also goes unresolved. We believe domestic violence is a public health issue and should be resolved through education and increased awareness. We are a peer education organization and we will hold workshops and training sessions to open an on-campus dialogue about violence prevention.

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