Mission and Vision

Project Speak Up Speak Out’s mission is to empower individuals and break the silence that conceals domestic violence and sexual assault. It is our firm belief that domestic violence that goes unseen and unheard also goes unresolved.

We are a peer education organization that holds workshops and training sessions to open an on-campus dialogue about violence prevention. Because we consider domestic violence a public health issue, we also believe that it can be combated through education and increased awareness. Additionally, we provide survivors of domestic violence with connections to the tools and resources they need to help them heal.

It is our vision to address domestic violence as a human issue that spans across all racial, gender, and class boundaries. Through our advocacy, we want to empower individuals to end the shame and stigma surrounding sexual assault and domestic violence. We hope to create a culture of peace and mutual respect across the CUNY campuses. We look forward to you working with us!


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